Monday, February 11, 2008

USA Today makes my ass raw.

Those of us who read any newspapers know that they have been in a decline the past few years. The major problem, as pointed out by the smaller papers, is that the bulk of journalism has come down to the wire, USA Today, and the NY Times. That leaves the reader with fewer opportunities to develop a learned opinion and a loss of the accountability that the news sources brought to government. This article is from the St. Petersburg Times, one of a few major non-profit papers. Of course, there is another article at the CS Monitor that shows the new wave of small papers trying to fill in the gaps. The problem is that good reporters cost a lot of money and we desperately need their services in a time of tabloid uselessness.
All other news services use the efforts of the papers to "report". Read your local paper and then listen and watch everything else throughout the day. It's the same news but stripped down from the useful article to a diarrhetic trickle of what one would want to know to feel current.
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