Monday, August 26, 2013

Down by the water

One of our favorite places to go for an excursion is down at McKellar Lake. It's a pretty funky place and I imagine it would be a blast to live down there.  The people are always super nice and it's a visual extravaganza. Got some more pictures to come. Would any of these make good cards?

Silver, fruit, and something else I forgot...

The top one is a better picture of a necklace. The middle is one of the earrings before it gets it's findings and finds a home.  The bottom one is the first watermelon I have ever grown.  It's a little one but gives me hope for the future.  I found it when I cut off one of the vines that tried to take over the swing set in the backyard.  I had been looking at all of these others failures of tiny melons and this one just appeared. I think I'll try it tonight. Someday, I'll get some halfway decent gardens and be happy enjoying the fruits of the earth. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

More images for cards...

I will throw these up here for now but soon the tab for Art should have all kinds of useful things. 

I imagine most people would prefer the happier looking ones for cards but I decided to play around a little bit with them.