Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How's this for a plan

I have developed a growing faith in the self-serving interests of both politicians and the networks that talk about them all damn day. I am also more than frustrated with the belief that a new round of office holders will save the world. Everyone seems to be waiting for President Awesome and he just won't show up.
If that's the case, how the hell do we get any of these figureheads of ineptitude to do get some part of their job done. I have two plans and they will work wonderfully, as long as I get the rest of the country behind me on them. The first is to have a voting turnout of zero. I started a story about that but it has yet to make it past the first or second page. The entire political system would be beside itself and we would have made some kind of a point. I know it is "wrong" to not vote, that our friends and family have died for the privilege but is not the present group clowns in blue blazers another mockery of what those loved ones believed they were fighting for? On another note, why must all the candidates were the same boring blazer and tie. Some flair would be nice but I imagine Fox and MSNBC would spend a week talking about the implications of someone wearing pinstripes or a good hat. On to more important matters. Like none of us voting. It won't happen but it would be fun to see.
The other plan is for everyone to go on strike until the government does something about the War. Protests don't work because they have figured out how to let them happen and publicize them so that the only faces anyone sees are of dirty trustafarian gutter-punk hippies, which is not a segment of the population that generates much respect for its opinion. If we all refuse stop driving and going to work, shit will change quick. Besides, that would be the first step in implementing a month long international holiday. I don't anyone who couldn't use it and there is no real reason to not take a decent break. I wouldn't be surprised if wars would end other bits of goodness.
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