Monday, July 13, 2015

gonna see if I can make the top one a table.

Hate, hate, apathy, disregard and arrogance all flavored with a touch of cute pictures and a sense that someone else is at fault. We want so badly to believe that each of us understands the reason for the violent stupidity of this mess we see online and in life but really we each add as much to it as we wish we did not. It's just part of being stuck in this damned condition of living and our best efforts just make for it being more bureaucratic in its nefarious ways. It must for there is no good reason for people to still be burning down churches or denying loans based on superficial differences. The former is more clearly evil but the latter is a profound act of forced submissiveness.
I still believe in change and progress or I would not be able to do my job. Educating is a primary tool for any hope of decency and the possibility that tomorrow may be a place where some of our problems are solved. I am unwavering that I provide tools for young minds to succeed and perhaps excel. Speaking of which, I need to get back to learning about stuff since I got a new gig as a STEM teacher. It looks like I am supposed to have kids make all kinds of cool stuff and learn that way. Oddly enough, most people think I am ideally suited for that role but I feel more comfortable in the traditional method of learning. I enjoy the never ending challenge of a more Socratic dialogue than as a director of learning. What do students learn the most from? What is it that they find most valuable? One must learn through doing something and the only real way is to solve a problem or navigate a challenge. That stuff you pick up from a teacher or mentor is knowledge. Knowledge is fundamental and the recall of information is crucial but it is not learning in of itself. Knowing who said what in a book means little but making an informed argument with that statement is learning.
I believe I may go meditate on all this jabber and fall asleep thinking about a ton of stuff I should do tomorrow but won't.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

More positive than negative at the time.

Another video. I'm not sure yet about adding flashy stuff since my students seem to operate best from my process of description, or breaking it down. I'd prefer to make them a little shorter but it ain't too long.

Another video of mathness

I'll be working on these a lot more. Hopefully I can learn to make it even more interesting but if you or someone you know needs some extra help with the old positives and negatives, here is a start.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Avoiding what I should be doing.

Someone did a willfully poor job by putting three screws in one hole. I have know clue how the person did it but it was a surprise as we worked on the door of our house.
The second image is hard to read but perhaps the greatest answer I have ever seen on an exam. He got some serious credit for the response.

Stories of the recent are less than fascinating as the areas around us don't know whether to be inspiring or aggravating.
Gene wasn't up to it. Not that it was any special moment, the day had no unique start and was quite the exact same in most ways as the rest but he stopped caring....It is just another attempt to start something that I don't plan on finishing..

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just a little

Compare and contrast. Do something with your time and make it all come together as a part of the whole that one is.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Just feel like the rain without the mission.

I wrote it down somewhere but that place ain't to be found. Pretty sure it was a better version of the story but I guess this is the best version you gonna get.
Besides, what is a story? I saw somewhere, in the Book of Daniel, the one with all them words that it was an event. It had more to it but all I got was some stuff happens. If you need to cipher out these words to find something that happens then you probably need to examine your life for a minute.
I guess we all get some tales that ain't no one we know got and one no one ain't gonna ever have, Sometimes you just get pushed through the day and it rolled by like nothing else has or will and you need to tell it to someone. Now it doesn't always make sense or strike you as nothing early on but then you find yourself going back through it while you go to work and you lived through that bit that made the lost parts real to you.
I was brought back to it headed to work. It was a long, bad night. The weather was off and I ended up sleeping in my truck. That always sucks. There's worse places to be but if it's in your driveway then something happened. We had fought about me being stupid. It ain't like we do that all the time but life ain't quite as happy as the movies want us to believe.
Well, on the way and feeling a bit tuned to the emotions of the world and something about the wind smelling like the big fields across the river brought it back.
My grandpappy had died and there was a couple of us there to bury him. His neighbor was the minister and he sad some kind words and I helped my uncles dig the hole. We all said our pieces and then put the box down there. We were quiet for a few minutes just with ourselves even though we were all there together. You know, each person had his own way of living with the man. He took me deer hunting and taught me to make a nail. It's enough hold everything together and keep you fed so that is worth something.
We were about to start filling the hole up when my grandma walked over to the edge of the grave, hiked up her dress, squatted, and took the biggest piss I had ever seen all over her dead husband. She wasn't a woman to be trifled with and she had her reasons but I couldn't understand this. The two were always together. They were what love is in this unreasoning world. They say Jesus is love and if he is then he was real between those two and that is real enough to make me believe. And there she was, just pissing like she had been holding it all in for fifty years. I couldn't even figure out where it all came from.
When it cam back to me, it seemed that she had to deal with so much crap and the only one who really cared was in that hole. He was there to deal with the stupidity and hate and this was the last chance she would have for that. Her dead husband would want her to do that figuring it made her feel a little better and he would be dead, who care what anyone else thinks.