Friday, February 8, 2008

lost in the fun of it all

The cybernetic wasteland has become flooded with stupid rants and malinformed opinions of people who know little and say all. Much about the internet is worthwhile but my stupid statements have been a classic example of contemporary classlessness. That being said, there are a few things I hope to accomplish on this electronic page.

My original goal was to have a place to put my stories. I wrote them to be read. I’d love for them to be in the New Yorker or on your bookshelf but that dream is still only a reality in my imagination.

Most of the early posts are the stories that I feel might be worth a damn. The short story is an obvious challenge as well as being a unique pleasure to write. I started spitting them out back in my school days but now they have become my most sincere response to what I see in the world. The artist in me would rather have one person be more human for having read them than a million clicking around to read inane comments of extraordinarily ordinary substance.

That being said, the nature of the game is a steady flow of “content” because people are animals and like the flashy, flashy. In my selfish dream of making words my livelihood; I must add new crap all the time. I can’t write that many stories and I’m not sure anyone would want to read them. I would like to be able to find worthwhile news and put it in this central location but I might as well just tell you to go to the only 2 or 3 papers that are worth a damn anymore.

A more interesting challenge is to start a forum for what people can do in this time of dreary misinformation. What can we do about poverty, crackheads, the environment, ourselves? Most of us only have a few dollars to give and that is not a satisfying or right method to doing what we can to help the world evolve into what it could be rather than what the bastards want it to be. Activism is only a way to get an opinion out but the problem is that speech is so open in our society as to drown itself out. The major steps are taken when individuals go about their lives in a way that promotes conscious change. Walking over driving, going to the museum, talking to someone at a soup kitchen. I believe these to be the type of actions that take one down the path of social change and they are without fail also the ways to a more fulfilled existence. What is as upsetting as the standard American life. It is something that I have been stuck in too long and I refuse to keep myself caged in by working at a job that only turns the cycle and leaves me with neither time nor energy to realize my potential as a human being.

It’s a long winded and chaotic way to explain myself but I hope it starts some type of dialogue. What is to be done and how do we do it?

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