Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's another day to dream, another day to hope.

I have a problem with my daydreams.  My problem is that I get into a belief that I can make them happen. "If I just quit smoking, run, write three pages a day, and win the lottery..." It's the nasty cycle that happens because it feels so good to believe that tomorrow will be super-way better and I can buy my wife nice things and just be relaxed and confident about my place in the world.  Then reality comes tramping through and I decide that maybe I should have another beer first and then it's back in the rut, wheels spinning and making the mess, messier. 
Then I start dreaming about my campaing to run the world and get more frustrated with the poorly ran political machinary in this place.  Bear with me here...
Felix's jump from a space balloon, putting a giant rover on Mars, and splintering electrons are all insanely cool things that have happened in the past few months.  We have the knowledge and ability to provide for all people.  We have the means to take society many steps toward utopia and allow ourselves to focus on the learning that makes individuals to be better people.  So much of a real progress is bogged down by self-serving interests.  The real tragedy is that the most altruistic forms of work would benefit the self the most.  Leaders want to be respected and loved.  They want to be seen as above mortal and adored.  One who leads by force will never achieve the reverence than the one who feeds all of his people.  When CEOs, govenors, presidents, and prime ministers realize this truth, they may change the settings of the structure so that it grows toward a more supportive and fruitful future.  Crime, hunger, and evil will always remain as they are a part of the human condition but we should not stop trying to end any of this evils. 
Embracing our abilities to be hyperproductive and effecient would be a genuine step towards the dream.
I shall add more to this later but I must prepare some material for 7th graders.
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