Sunday, February 26, 2012

musings of the variety today

I'm procrastinating on work I need to be doing.  I'm not even writing about the things that most interest me lately, but on that which is presently on my mind.  I read a CNN article about high prices and signs of the new day.  For some reason, I followed reading the article by reading some of the comments.  It all led me to thinking...What may be most lost in the modern political discussion of the masses is the belief in the individual.  Everyone points to a group, a party, another entity.  They speak of changes in broad spectrums and have lost their own individual identity.  The American Experiment is built upon a belief in free will.  Those that designed the system knew that free will is a dream but it may be a possible one.  One must work toward that dream.  Knowledge is necessary, as is a life that provides physical needs....More to come, gotta study on early childhood literacy. 
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