Monday, December 19, 2011

Procrastination is an art, as I view it.

You know I have something I should be doing if you see something up here. You also know you are getting older when you do something productivish when putting of the important work. I can even be caught cleaning sometimes lately.

Apparently, a bunch of stuff is happening in the world. A crazy short man is dead, troops are out of Iraq, and a few people are baling cash while the rest of us fight to make the rent. Does any of it matter during football season? Here's a lesser known fact, I have fallen asleep to almost every football game I have seen. It's really not as interesting on TV as people think it is. I had more fun watching games in high school.

I must be on now, but my prayers go to all the families hurt by the endless war. It decimated one nation, brought ours to its knees and has trampled the lives of millions. So many of our veterans will lead hollow and confused lives, as happens after every war, and the rest of us will say we feel sorry but rarely give the support. The only saving grace is that it has come to a close.

Uggh, I must get my son ready for daycare soon and take a nap and some other stuff. The next post will be less down but that's what was on my mind for the moment.
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