Thursday, July 7, 2011

More pictures with few words.

Work starts soon so I'll dissappear into my other existence but I have been having fun with the camera this past few days. Let's see what else I can take pictures of.

I had some idea of something smart to write but I forgot what it was. The summer vacation is all but over and it is time to reembrace the rest of my life. I entered the summer with grand ideas of planning every element of the year and being the best teacher I could be. Well, I had stuff to attend to and then I got a little lazy. I'll surely be better but I sure should have used the time a little better. We work to hard to succeed but find ourselves flailing through a slow tumble past happy dreams and into the mire of mediocrity. What do the great men I read of in the books do to take over their world? I need some of that so I can make things right by my eyes. Reminds me of a great quote I heard; this is the mangled version but it went like "Education should provide you the tools to live a decent life, and if the world won't let you, the tools to change it so that you can." On that, we're gonna go on a walk.
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