Monday, July 13, 2015

gonna see if I can make the top one a table.

Hate, hate, apathy, disregard and arrogance all flavored with a touch of cute pictures and a sense that someone else is at fault. We want so badly to believe that each of us understands the reason for the violent stupidity of this mess we see online and in life but really we each add as much to it as we wish we did not. It's just part of being stuck in this damned condition of living and our best efforts just make for it being more bureaucratic in its nefarious ways. It must for there is no good reason for people to still be burning down churches or denying loans based on superficial differences. The former is more clearly evil but the latter is a profound act of forced submissiveness.
I still believe in change and progress or I would not be able to do my job. Educating is a primary tool for any hope of decency and the possibility that tomorrow may be a place where some of our problems are solved. I am unwavering that I provide tools for young minds to succeed and perhaps excel. Speaking of which, I need to get back to learning about stuff since I got a new gig as a STEM teacher. It looks like I am supposed to have kids make all kinds of cool stuff and learn that way. Oddly enough, most people think I am ideally suited for that role but I feel more comfortable in the traditional method of learning. I enjoy the never ending challenge of a more Socratic dialogue than as a director of learning. What do students learn the most from? What is it that they find most valuable? One must learn through doing something and the only real way is to solve a problem or navigate a challenge. That stuff you pick up from a teacher or mentor is knowledge. Knowledge is fundamental and the recall of information is crucial but it is not learning in of itself. Knowing who said what in a book means little but making an informed argument with that statement is learning.
I believe I may go meditate on all this jabber and fall asleep thinking about a ton of stuff I should do tomorrow but won't.
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