Monday, May 5, 2014

It's a Whole new game.

So a fellow at work got talking about making some math programming or building a website.  I did some thinking and realized maybe an app would be a good place to start.  More thinking an playing with ideas and paying attention to games, I scratched out the rough idea of a game for adding fractions and Noam took on the task of coding it.  We tested it in the classrooms and the kids really enjoyed it and felt it was a good way to learn fractions. Fractions, in the eyes of a math teacher, are one the most confoundedly difficult challenges.  Many people have a hard time viewing parts of numbers as number in the spaces between whole numbers or integers.  They always want to say 1/3  + 1/4 = 2/7.  The thing is, fractions are one of the gatekeepers to algebra.  We are hoping this game can make a difference and provide students a good way to learn and teachers a little less stress. So, check it out. Whole: A game about fractions.
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