Monday, July 29, 2013

A possible new line and a definite New World Order.

I am fiddling around with a few ideas and procrastinating anything productive.  The top image is the original of a card I made sometime after Christmas.  Since it was a card, I gave it to someone but I did think to take a picture. The second is a slightly edited version and the last is a more edited one.  I am gonna tr to make some more and see if they sell.  Let me know what you think..
On the procrastination front...somedays the interwebs can take you on a voyage through crazy.  I saw a friend post about Senomyx and that we can all drop the boycott of Pepsi.  It's some weird stuff.  Society is trying to get food companies to put less sugar in processed food.  They need the sweet stuff in there so it is tasty. To make consumers happy, they hire a company that has engineered human taste using embryonic stem cells from the 70s to make an additive that makes us think the food is sweet and wonderful and delicious.  It could be a pile of poo but our brain has been tricked.  So that part of the story is pretty weird.  It is probably another reminder to limit the processed food.  The next step was reading various articles where people compare it to Solyent Green, that we are being fed ourselves.  This processing is somehow tied to the Agenda 21 grand conspiracy of global domination that I never heard of.  It is a liberal agenda that W signed us into with the U.N. for the elite to gain control of all natural resources.  The more convoluted the conspiracy, the more entertaining.  I gather that the all powerful bike lobby is actual a progressive group aimed at destroying our right to drive and the structure of the American city so that the government can claim underused suburban land.  Those bike people sure had me fooled.  I thought they were some occupy hipsters but they are actually undercover U.N. Agents.  They are drugging us with PBR.
One of these fun commentaries on how the world is ending had a series of wild discussions of a movement to legitimize infanticide.  It turns out, that the BMJ did have an essay arguing the validity of infanticide.  I linked to a part which can take you the article, a statement from the BMJ, and a response from a Catholic theologian.  Those things do make for an interesting discussion and no matter where you stand on the  ProLife/Choice debate, the BMJ series shows how discussion works to advance.  Though that is not nearly as fun to read about the Socialist Plan to Destroy my Car and put Babies in my Frozen Pizza.  Conspiracy sites are the best.  Especially the ones trying to sell a book and with crazy front and all kinds of flashing warnings of the New World Order.  I think I may change my whole plan soon.
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