Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another year wandering away.

I finished up another year of school this past Friday.  I am back at the school on a Sunday morning. I really don't mind it and feel more at ease with the preparation, planning, meetings, and misc. work I have for the next academic year than drifting through the summer.  It has been a different year, but each one has been so. The highs were less but the lows weren't so jarring and I feel like I may be growing to be a part of a school that identifies itself with a very tight community.  Along the way, I have learned a great deal as a teacher and let me see if I get a jump on the planning through this summer so I can use what I have learned.  Knowledge and experience are only valuable in how we respond moving forward and adjust our understanding of our place in the world.
I am really looking forward (because I am a dork) to studying more about the history of math and physics, which brings about a history of learning and it all turns into some understanding of the world, thought, myself, and some other esoteric stuff that I can use to make class more interesting since the people that came up with quadratics and angular momentum and gravity were nutty cool.  It is a summer, that among other things, I need to raise my level of learning to another level so that I can be a better teacher.  My best teachers challenged me to be the best and were so full of knowledge that almost everything they said taught me something.
I'll add some more later but this it for the moment.
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