Saturday, March 9, 2013

Birds and other things

A small flight of soon to be earrings resting on the windowsill I see.  Taking pictures of jewelry is kinda tricky, but we can all appreciate the grainy cell-phone picture in its beauty.  Every moment must be documented so we can prove to ourselves how cool we are in those times when we are being our more standard selves.  That isn't really true but the pseudo-intellectual cynics deciding what has weight in the discussions of the everyday like to think so.  The greatest moments in my life weren't documented at the time.  I wish I wrote about them more but that will come in time as I forget what they were and struggle to preserve what I have left.  The reality is that those moments define who I am and they resonate through me for I have been molded by my interactions with the world.  What causes a more profound impact, the few individually great ones or the continuous cycle of mundane ones?  Who knows but the nature of the question reminds us that the everyday moments are vital to the lives we lead and the people we wish to be.  I, for one, have an extremely difficult time changing my habits and changing these multitude of small interactions for the best, despite my best wishes.  Oh well.
I will put up some better pictures of the earrings when they are finished. Shout if you are interested.
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