Saturday, January 26, 2013

notes from a scrap.

I have never been good at keeping a notebook nor have I been good at keeping a diary. My dad writes in his diary most every night. It seems like a useful practice, I tried a few times but always failed in my limited discipline. The past few weeks have seen me confronting some inner demons and taking steps to be better in some shape of the idea. I don't know if we can really change who we are but we may be able to change our actions.

Part of this is to keep down some things so I don't forget. Who knew that Edward Lear did such great drawings before writing silly poems.

I am setting up an etsy shop for some jewelry that I started making.  Don't worry, you'll see more pictures of it.
I will also one day learn to draw. I have made a variety of cards like this.  I'm trying to expand from the circle theme but it's good practice and a good way to learn how to use the pens my brother gave them.
The last one is a practice page of what I hope to complete someday, a book for my son. We'll see how that happens.
The coloring really helped me to stop drinking.  I was going, gone down a path that I needed to get off of. I won't say that I quit, but I have stopped.  It was really having adverse effects throughout my life.
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