Saturday, May 14, 2011

Notes and a picture of water.

Nothing like a phone camera to gauge reality....Anyway, that's about a mile from the river's normal bank looking in the opposite direction. This is the spot where I usually take the exit to get under the bridges but there seems to be a raging current in the way. It's not just how high the river is but how fast and far away the water is moving. I will be curious to see how everything looks when it goes back down.

On the good news, passed my classes and got a positive review from my principal. Work is a thousand times better when you work for someone who likes what you do. I am most excited that I get to teach the same students for two years in a row. People get into teaching with the belief that they can make a difference and I have a real opportunity to help the kids appreciate a world beyond what they are used to. Much of popular culture does not embrace higher learning and the path to knowledge but my beliefs in the virtue of learning are supported, if but for a moment, when a student sees that that universe is far more complicated, beautiful, and elegantly ordered chaos than the narrow view his scope of life has given him.

Go grizzlies.
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