Monday, October 11, 2010

...He is serious about something...

So I was talking with my brother the other day and he helped me realize the final part of the argument I made about politicians only working to raise funds for elections. What I could not figure out was, "Why is all this money needed? They aren't living off of these millions. Who's benefiting?" My brother reminded me to follow the money and most of that cash lands to media. The papers need juicy campaigns to sell papers to sell ads. Mr. State Congressperson needs to flood the papers with his ads and get some good stories about him to boot. (Mind you, I say papers like I still call any recorded music an album).
Media is not objective because papers have a profit margin to worry about, news is recorded and edited through a human being's eyes and brain, and there is no way to report everything. I once kinda gave it the benefit but the truth is clear.
I probably read and listen to way too much sports journalism; I don't know why but I'm addicted to it. ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, revolved around one old quarterback who has lost too many big games to count and is an ass. 75% of the stories revolved around #4, yet he lost the game. The far greater sports story was that Bobby Cox, manager for the Atlanta Braves for 36 years, managed his last game. Some people might try to argue that people are more interested in the Vikings QB than a class act manager. Most people are sick of this narcissistic, overrated quarterback. I watched the Monday Night Game, and the Jets young buck played some ball in the midst of a torrential downpour. That was a story of the game, but the story reported was of the loser. Most people watching sports just watch what is on most of the time.
I honestly don't follw politics much anymore because the outlets report the same as in the above story and any actual politics is beyond frustrating. The papers choose which stories to report and how to do so based on some real or perceived popularity. If ratings go up, revenue goes up and it pushes up the cost and need for candidate publicity. More money needs to be raised and so corporations/lobbyists/weird individuals give more of what is in short supply these days.
The news now wields incredible control in this useless cycle. It has helped lead to a stagnant Congress and an apathetic people. We could use some real smart managing these days but it's all about carrying the debate until the next election. The Constitution was designed by some smart and cynical folks. They worked to make the downfalls of government work for a better government. Greed, power, corruption, and the like are a given. What they failed to see was the consuming and sprawling power of the press and the media. So, let's say politics is powered by the media, why would a congressman or senator bicker over a vote to raise all this money. Well, the news gets to report what it wants. A $700000000 bill is probably about more than two issues and half a dozen bullet points. Of course, that's all I read 'cause I things to do.
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