Sunday, June 7, 2009

weirdness is my game

Been having some fun with the boy. The other big news is that I got a job teaching Calculus at Central High. I figured I would be at one of the rough as funk schools in town but I lucked into the place I most wanted. Who would have figured that a writing degree would land me a job as a math teacher. It doesn't surprise me all that much.
Finding out that a couple of my friends are going through divorces. I hate it for them. One of the greatest things about being married is having that one person with you when the chips are down. Relationships are a hard thing, though. They are so easy to damage and so hard fix. I really don't know much about them but I'm pretty sure you gotta fight for each other and not each other. Sounds like a kid is yelping and I told him that I would read to him. He has no clue what I'm saying but he deserves a good yarn or two.
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