Monday, April 20, 2009

4-20-09. part i wife is in labor and I'm at work waiting and teaching. I don't know what all to jot and I am praying that the next post will be of pure joy. Worry doesn't suit me well. Maybe it does since no one knows when I'm stressed and anxious. This boring veneer of mine is getting a little better made everyday.
I thank the gods that I have a beautiful and loving wife and that my brother is so dedicated to his fraternal bonds that he is on his way to the waiting room to keep a post for me. Those that know him, speak dearly of his benevolent nature while swearing of his funky ways. He is a frustrating lad but that's just part of the fun.
Know not what else to say but I do say that I have been too long from writing. Rock on and send strength to those fighting through the pain and joy to those seeing light in the rain.
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