Saturday, March 28, 2009

more pictures of some of the same stuff.

I don't have any new fiction to add. Shame on me. I figured I should add some better pictures of this last table since I am trying to sell it and the others don't show it off too well. It's sitting in the kid-to-be's room. That would be why everything is in technicolor. I can also say that I am starting to see first hand how silly the schools are. I've been tutoring and it is wrong to see what some kids don't know. How could you graduate from high school and not know how to add two negative numbers or read a simple(albeit boring) twenty line story? It is an obvious commentary on schools and straight ridiculous. I have believed for a long time that undervaluing a demanding education is like shooting yourself in the foot. I don't get it. Hire more cops, lay off teachers. This must be a diabolical plan or the great deciders are f'n inept. People aren't stupid but they are fools and we're all getting played. I guess that's why we talk all day about basketball and suck down some cheap beer or pop pills or whatever it is we do to avoid the deception. They're all busy worrying about the wheels falling off on the great society while the motor is blown. "A nice candy coat will fix her right up." They say as a rat makes another nest under the hood. Most of us know this but what can we do? Bills are piling up and life demands attention. I have some faith in the mission of hope. I really do but it is tough to keep when banks are given money and schools are crumbling and we are still in a war. I forgot about that. We are in a two front war and the front page of the paper is about the sweet sixteen. The same paper that fired some of its best writers while sending three reporters to Kansas for sports. The media makes the news and it has decided sports is more important because it is easily profitable. This is leading me down a path of anger. Idiots leading a house of fools. That's the title of my American play. Enjoy the sun and have an awesome day.
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