Wednesday, January 7, 2009

things i have made and the formating is being a pain

That's a coatrack. The sections spin around and it comes apart with no tools. It is also the last steel thing I will make in the shiny finish unless someone really wants it.

Behold a coffee table. I'm still holding it for a friend who ordered it but he has a boy on the way and needs to save his winnings so it is available-ish. I can make another for him another time. The wood has been stained since this picture. I'm not sure what finish I like better but I can always refinish it. It's 1" thick oak. Strong stuff.

Another table. I found the piece of marble in Petey Wheatstraw's backyard. If you ever decide to sand marble, wear a mask. After about an hour trying to smooth the edges the night before my one opening, I was seeing triple and not feeling to well. It's on a friend's porch and has rusted to a nice orange.

So I had an opening at my place for the Broad Walk. I live on Broad and once to twice a year all the artists on the street open house and show off their wares. I learned of it two weeks before and scrambled like a madman to finish all these and a few other pieces for the show. This is the sign I made and Ana Gratziela Gal painted. She had some really cool photos and we set it up in this interior alleyway that runs between my building and my landlord's. The wood from the sign is a piece of driftwood I've been holding on to for awhile and trying to figure out what to do with it. My mom was telling me I had to have a sign and so we managed to drag it out as the show started and the paint was drying.

I made this table a couple of years ago. It's at Pete's place now and stacked to the moon with Budweiser cans, computer parts, and empty boxes of Parliament Ultralights. I would have to find another piece of wood like that to replicate the thing but I do recall getting my zen on sanding that top for thirty hours. Each time I went to a higher grit, it felt like I saw a new universe in the grains.
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