Monday, July 7, 2008

i lied like always

Say hello to wheatstraw, a real deal true blooded memphian pimp tight geek style. That's the picture, now on with the note.
You have to work at all smalls so this won’t sound off the cuff though it is. I’ve been doing more productive writing as of late but I figured I would throw these notes up cause its free and I like to. I’m gonna check my sobriety levels and go watch Fear and Loathing. Fuck you, I deserve it for putting up with everyone’s shit. I must look like a shrink since everyone sees me as a bitching post.
It was an interesting night or two of learning about new people as well as myself. The fact is that I already knew I need to move past my dumb insufficiencies and man-up to my quasi-potential.
That and the two most stylish hats I have are nothing but bad news which is a damn shame. Oh well, I’ll just be me in the face of a place that antagonizes me with it. Metal, writing, friends, family, taking care of business all along the way. I have been a part of the stupid party of our age for long enough. It’s easy to not give a fuck when there is way too much to worry about and I have been jacking around with this bit of time for way too long. The other thing is that she is right in that I must do things I say that I am going to do. It’s not that big of a deal if I am not a superhuman because I am far from it. No, I just need to continue being me and that is the natural fact. Not really making sense here but it is a lot better when I spend the time to write about it than not. We gonna get this shit done. Pissing away time is no way to live.
Too much going on not to talk about it.
On Saturday, I spent the afternoon hanging out with my new lady, Jasmine. We had both put in long fucking weeks and spent the afternoon napping and dreaming of our wakeful selves. Around midnight, my dad called me after an afternoon of drinking rum and cokes in his funky valley home.
“Been drinking and thinking. You know, you have a half brother.”
He must of debated it for awhile because he never comes out shooting that straight. Fortunately, my horoscope said that I would get a surprise that shocked me to no end, so I was not shocked. I guess cause he sired the lad that it was a bigger deal to me. Maybe the dude’s fucking loaded and bored or a publisher or the coolest motherfucker I know. Probably not my luck but I am destined for weirdness.
The following day was spent roasting in the Memphis sun repairing my mom’s deck with an array of tools that didn’t work. I probably should have noticed the troublesome winds because no matter what I tried, nothing worked. The pressure washer seized. After spending hours in this pile of things, I found enough tools to try to fix it but it stayed fucked and then I pulled the handle of the cord. Used a rickety saw to cut some big ass boards and all other lovely things to replace four steps. I did manage to get that done which was most important before the wood rotted anymore and my crazy mother fell in a state of Miller Lite imbued balance.
Finished that. I was supposed to go see Jasmine for an evening of less sleeping but she was with friends and family before she started school today. By the time I caught up with her we were both exhausted and fell asleep to wake up at 3-something and have a one-sided argument that had me pack my grip and go. You should know way more about her before this introduction for she is one of, if not, the coolest people I have met. Despite the fact that we met at a bar at 7am, we felt we found someone that broke all the molds and expectations.
I honestly can say that I will get a lifetime of real friendship and adventures with her but both of us has been burned too hard to get past ourselves for the time. Who knows? I ain’t got a plan and shit may change any second.
That drama led me to oversleeping enough to finally going through with the pain in the ass that it is to sell an engagement ring. Try hocking some shit and you get the distaste for money-changers. Ain’t no hate here but some lines of business lead to sordid understandings. I gather it wasn’t so tough to sell shit a few years ago but everyone’s broke and inventories are full. In the end, I should have thrown the ring in the river and gone to work but I tend toward the wrong decisions.
In the meantime, Mary Allison packed her little red car and drove west to her new life. Maybe your day was weirder and if it was I gots to hear about it because I despise the stale.
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