Monday, May 19, 2008

stability in the flux

The days have been ablaze with a passion for a new night but with no conviction for a direction... and the grownups are drunk kids again as the chorus of yesteryear rolls by as the cheap DJs dream becomes a reality for one more song... Dan finally got his own computer. He threw his ancient college contraption that had a power unit hanging out the top and groaned like an old car into the green monster.
-I had a tough time getting rid of the case. Four years worth of solid sticker collection rested on it. It had to be done. A crazy friend in my freshman dorm ordered the parts for it and we put it together on a Friday night. I was dying my hair cherry red while the geeks descended on the new machine like flies on shit. They aped around but failed to make it work. In a haze of decaying alcohol fumes, I pushed enough buttons to make it go when I fell out bed the following morning. No idea what I did but I did it anyway. Goodbye old friend...--
It cost me more credit debt but ain't that America. Break up with your girlfriend, get depressed, buy new stuff.
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