Monday, March 24, 2008

Someone who writes like I think but a lot better.

In my casual search through my favorite paper I stumbled on this opinion. I have always been a student of the Founding Fathers and find their discourse to be something our world should aspire to. Hamilton and Jefferson were just two of a segment of time that embodied a level reason that has been suppressed by the men they were most concerned with. We are no longer a self governed society and we have lost our sense of responsibility and obligation. We have been led to believe that we are responsible for the entire world when the American system was built on attention to community. I have no clue if this makes sense because it's what my brain farted out in the midst of a story. I recall why all the real writers I know seem out of it when I get around to the practice myself. My head is turning to jello but I should get back to work on something more interesting for y'all to read. Beware, I have just finished reading No Country for Old Men so my next story will look like a McCarthy knock off. If you have not read that book it will definitely answer your decision what to do for the next night or so.
Have fun in your happy camp and go Memphis.
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